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Club Details

About Us

Established in the year 2000

The Greater Florida LEGO® Users Group (GFLUG) was formed in summer of 2000 for the sole purpose of giving Adult Fans of LEGO® (AFoL) a way to express their unique hobby. Over the years we have displayed at numerous model railroad shows, art festivals, Disney conventions and sci-fi conventions as a group. GFLUG does not favor one form of the hobby over any other, giving its membership a wide range of exposure.

The primary goal of the group is camaraderie that is achieved by providing members the opportunity to meet other adults who share a common fascination with the LEGO®  hobby through correspondence, meetings, and events. We are a family oriented group with member’s spouses and children helping at select events and enjoying the fruits of our building labor.

GFLUG is a registered 501c3 nonprofit.

Membership Basics

The group participates in many events though the year in the state of Florida and beyond. The group is for the adult fans interested in all LEGO® brand themes, products and entertainment. Membership is open to adult Florida residents and their immediate families. 

Although we are a family friendly group and at times focused on entertaining the public, we are not always what younger builders are looking for in the hobby. We have long focused discussions on group business and event planning at meetings. At events and shows we work hard setting up, working with the public and packing up our displays at the end of events. 

Most if not all of the LEGO® building we do is done at home on our own with our own LEGO® Bricks. GFLUG does not own the LEGO® Models we display, the individual members do. 

So if you love building with LEGO®, feel free to Contact Us and we will get you more information on joining our group. 

Membership Requirements 

1 » To be a member you must be age 18 or older. No persons (family or not) under the age 18 may be left unattended with the group at anytime. We are NOT a sitting or child care group. 

2 » Be able to play well with others and interact in a family friendly public environment. Stealing from others and freeloading is strictly frowned upon and will not be tolerated by the group. 

3 » Have a residence in the state of Florida 

4 » Attended group meetings on a regular basis, including all election meetings 

5 » Participate in a minimum of two (2) public group events per year, not including meetings 

6 » Pay required yearly group dues (when applicable) 

7 » Pay special assessments in addition to dues when imposed via group vote 

8 » New members may also need to sponsor the purchase display table(s); of which they will retain for displaying on at shows and events. 

Membership Benefits

1 » The camaraderie with fellow members in online groups, at meetings and events 

2 » The ability to participate in group competitions 

3 » The ability to participate in special group building projects 

4 » The ability to display your LEGO® Models to the public with the group 

5 » When available, the ability to participate in group perks for your service at events with access to special events, transportation, parking, lodging, meals, discounts, gift, etc. 

6 » The ability to participate in the group's LUGbulk order (restrictions apply) 

7 » Improved visibility and access to the LEGO® Company though events and focus groups. 

Legal Notice

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Personal, Non-Commercial Image Use 

» Images on this site may be used by news organizations for news reporting purposes without further authorization. The images on these pages are provided subject to the following terms and conditions.

» GFLUG owns and retains the copyrights in the images except as noted. No copyright license (either expresses or implied) is granted to the user, other than the right to reproduce the images without alteration for non-commercial, personal use only.

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» The images are provided to recipient as is. All implied warranties are hereby disclaimed, including, without limitation, the warranties of title, infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. 

This Agreement

» Will be governed by the law of the State of Florida, exclusive of Florida choice of law rules;

» Constitutes the entire agreement between GFLUG and user, and supersedes any and all other agreements, understandings, and communications between them related to images and;

» May only be amended or otherwise modified by a written instrument executed by an authorized representative of GFLUG. 

Trademarks Notice

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Todd is the longest serving member of GFLUG and currently serves as the Club's President.  He runs his LEGO empire out of Polk County.  By day, he is a high school Technology Teacher and coaches one of the most successful Electron race teams in Florida. His LEGO interests include Town & Train, Robotics, Modulars and he is most well known for his large scale mosaic builds.  When not focused on LEGO projects, you can find him working on a project at the Orlando Makerspace, engaged with his Star Wars cosplay build or any DIY project with his students.  



Located in Tampa, Shelley is the family Uber and cat wrangler. She is a longtime FIRST Robotics Coach and Mentor for Jr. FLL, First LEGO League, and FTC. Outside of LEGO, Shelley is active with the Tampa Hackerspace and LGBT Welcome Center in St. Petersburg. LEGO building interests include: Interiors, Minifigure Habitats, GBC, Harry Potter, and making things move or light up. In our LUG, Shelley serves as our LEGO Ambassador.



David currently serves the membership as theSecretary/Treasurer for GLFUG.
Primary interests include Lego City/Trains, Lego Moonbase, Star Wars, Batman, and Architecture.
About me: During the day, I work my real job as a licensed Architect, in Florida and an assortment of other states and have two teenagers that keep me busy. With the remainder of my free time, in addition to the Lego hobby, I enjoy building and operating N-scale model railroads, Star wars cosplay with the Rebel Legion, and participate in American Civil War and Seminole Indian War reenacting.




From Riverview, Tom is one of our most active Club builders.  By day, he is a a software engineer and analyst, who also teachers Python and Data Analytics.  He also leads an AWS DeepRacer Robotics League at his employer.  Tom's LEGO interests include Space themes, Marvel Super Heroes.  He is the first member to focus on LED lighting of LEGO MOCx and specialize on incorporating lights across a large display area.



Eleanor is a college student living and working in the Tampa Bay area. She has been involved with LEGO since attending her first fan convention at age eight and participating in FIRST Robotics. Eleanor has been a part of several special LEGO projects including Moonbots Google X Prize and Build The Future NASA Launch. Outside of LEGO, Eleanor is an avid PC Gamer and D&D GM. LEGO Building interests include: Technic builds, Mindstorms, Trains, and Modulars.



Tolga has grown up in our LUG, becoming one of our most reliable members. He is currently working towards a Ph.D. in Particle Physics at Florida International University. He has been into LEGO since 1999 when he built a small city as kid. He going GFLUG in 2008. His primary LEGO interests are Town & Train, Creator and some licensed themes.  Outside of LEGO he is a avid railfan, so a lot of what he builds is what he sees trackside!



Erika hails from Orlando and works in software implementation for a payroll company. She brings a unique perspective to our Club, focusing primarily video games and  pop culture displays.  In her free time, Erika enjoys cooking, board games, online gaming, comics, knitting, festivals, finding and trying out new and unusual foods. 



Humberto is currently Show Producer in the theme park industry.  He got back into LEGO through his son's interest in the sets.  "I am a former Brickfilmer and LEGO train noob. and I got into filming through a LEGO contest because at the time, I couldn't imagine spending over a hundred dollars on toy! Bawahahaha." His primary LEGO interests include the licensed themes Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars, and DC/Marvel Super Heroes.