Orlando Maker Faire Event, Sept. 16, 2014

Additional Information

What a great weekend event! Here are some interesting stats. It took a soccer ball 1:06 (one minute and six seconds) to traverse from Robin's Great Ball Contraption (GBC) up the conveyor, down the back and forth then over Shelley's bucket machine, through the wave machine into the sweeper, out the second bucket machine by Todd's and into Dan's four conveyor conveyance. (pic. 1.)

It only took 8 minutes and 46 seconds for the full cup of soccer and basketballs to completely clear the GBC course from one end to the next. Any ball that fell out was forced to go back to the beginning so that wasn't too bad. Our perception on Saturday that the cups were filling fast was pretty correct. (pic 2.)

Oh, and the best stat of all was we were awarded 2 blue ribbons by the event organizers. Apparently, the organizer team members were each given a blue ribbon to award to participants based upon their booth. One of the organizer loved Dan's "Mini-Con at Maker Faire" of mini-land scale figures attending a mini-land Maker Faire. The other was given to GFLUG for the most child captivating display. Thanks everyone! (pic. 3.)