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The LEGO Movie 2014

contact Added February 5, 2014
Review By Matt S and Scott M of GFLUG

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Matt S - The LEGO Movie is a film that will simultaneously appeals to LEGO fans of all ages and those who love them. As an AFoL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and the parent of two KFoLs (Kid Fan of LEGO), I was able to enjoy the movie as both a parent and a fan. The song in the movie "Everything is Awesome!" will quickly drive parents and AFoL to the brink of insanity!

The LEGO Movie is the story of how Emmett, an ordinary mini-figure, learns that inside he has the ability to be extraordinary. As the movie opens, we follow Emmett through his day. Emmett longs to fit in and be accepted by the other mini-figures who inhabit his world. He fits in so well, that he passes almost unnoticed through his life. Through an extraordinary accident, he becomes center of an amazing adventure to save the world from the machinations of Lord Business. Along the way, he meets a cadre of other mini-figures who are master LEGO builders. These master builders' skills at building and operating their creations rival the world-bending feats of Orpheus, Neo, and Trinity.

link The KFoL will love this story and the fantastic creations that make up Emmett's world. And the AFoL of the world will enjoy spotting the Easter Eggs that are sprinkled throughout this movie. It will take multiple viewing, and probably several hours with a DVD and a pause button, to find them all. In addition the straight-up story, sight-gags, and a few double-entendres, the movie contains both subliminal and not-so- subliminal satire. It will appeal to the adults in the audience, but may cut a little too close for comfort for AFoL of a certain mindset. Scott and I attended the Real 3-D screening of The LEGO Movie and were quite impressed with how well the 3D worked in the movie. Unlike some other movies we have seen, the 3D effects were unobtrusive and worked well, even though I was wearing the 3D glasses over the top of my prescription glasses.

The Critics Last Take

Trustee Matt S

I give this film, 9 bricks and a one plate out of possible 10 bricks.
What's Good: I liked the brick-built scenery.
Not so good: But I dislike the song "Everything is Awesome".


GFLUG Logo Scott M

I give the motion picture a 10 out of possible 10 bricks.
What's Good: I really like how well all the themes were incorporated into this movie.
Not so good: What I didn't like was the soundtrack. While it fit the movie, I was just not a fan of it.

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